Thin Film Center Appoints P&T Consulting Ltd as European Agent

Thin Film Center, Tucson, Arizona has appointed P&T Consulting Ltd as a European agent for it's optical thin film software, training and consultancy services. Thin Film Center's "Essential Macleod" package is the most complete Thin Film Design and Analysis program on the market today offering special tools and enhancements for the analysis, synthesis and understanding of coatings including comprehensive performance calculations, ultrafast parameters, colour, refinement, packing density, n&k extraction and many more...

P&T will also accept bookings for Prof Angus Macleod's Macleod Masterclasses covering the entire field of optical coatings from fundamental theory to advanced design synthesis and from basic film microstructure to problems in manufacture. Thin Film Center runs public courses in Europe and in the United States twice yearly but custom courses are continually given for individual organizations at all levels.

Media Contacts:

Ann Macleod

Thin Film Center Inc.

Tel: +1 520 322 6171


Mike Pybus

P&T Consulting Ltd.

Tel: +44 (0) 1383 820135